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Sep.23, 2015

Enchanting Tales Vol 123
Living a life true to oneself is different things to different people. Life is short and there is no time to waste in regrets. Therefore, live our life to the fullest without regrets, before your time runs out.

Oct.24, 2015

Enchanting Tales Vol 124
Desires: List the things you desire to accomplish in each of the above areas. This is your life- you need to bring about the things you desire.

Nov.25, 2015

Enchanting Tales Vol 125.
Focus:Decide today that each day you will focus on the highest goal for each of the top priorities.


Dec.23, 2015

Enchanting Tales Vol 126.
Intentions.Make something happen that will move you towards each goal, daily.

Jan.24, 2016

Enchanting Tales Vol 127
Purpose: Reflect everyday on the things that happened that day that are part of your desire for your life. Live each day on the purpose.

Feb.25, 2016

Enchanting Tales Vol 129
Categorize: Divide your life into the important categories you are responsiblefor. Being a Mom would be one category;work/business;household managemnt..your list could go on. Focus on the major areas of life.